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ScoBar Entertainment presents: Andromeda Turre's Kiss Me
February 12, 2014 - 8:00p and 10:00p

“[Kiss Me] is about love in it’s many forms.  Falling in love, being in love, falling out of love, love shared with friends, yearning for love, broken hearted love.  Each song is a story that I’ve lived and am excited to be sharing for the first time.” -Andromeda

Andromeda who currently stars in Sleep No More and does background vocals at Saturday Night Live, has toured 17 countries with her own band as well as being the last Raelette hired to sing background vocals for Ray Charles.  An accomplished songwriter, she has released four albums, the last of which you can hear on various TV shows on MTV and VH1 in addition to playing in H&M, Bebe and Abercrombie & Fitch stores nationwide.


February 10,2014           Andromeda Turre debuts Kiss Me, Feb 12

Press Information

Born in fashion obsessed New York City to musician parents, Andromeda was born to be on the stage. Having the unique opportunity to grow up backstage on international tours, Broadway shows, and concerts of all kinds, Andromeda felt at home in this environment and never wanted to leave.
She began to cultivate her own sense of style and performance at a young age. Studying piano, composition, dance, voice and acting from age five, Andromeda delighted in practicing for hours while most kids were outside to play. Performing locally, doing theater, tv shows and singing jingles, Andromeda was able to pay for her own education at The Boston Conservatory (Theater major) and Berklee College of Music (Vocal Performance major). 

At age 21, Andromeda was offered the chance to go on tour and sing background vocals for Ray Charles. Meeting and working with Mr. Charles first hand inspired an even stronger work ethic and attitude towards performance, composition and the business side of music. Feeling inspired after working with Mr. Charles, she started her own band and began performing original music throughout New York City.
She was cast and starred in Woody Allen’s “Murder Mystery Blues” at the 59e59 Theater in Manhattan. During it’s run, she was critically acclaimed as:“Dangerously attractive… soulful voice” – New York Times “Brilliant musician… awesome performance.” “Talented… glamorous… gorgeous” – British Theater Guide.When the show ended, she packed her bags and moved to Japan to sing with the big band at Tokyo Disney for 14 months.

During her time in Japan, Andromeda was inspired by her surroundings and the incredible musicians she had the pleasure to work with daily. She produced her firstAlbum “Introducing Andromeda Turre”, arranging several jazz standards and four original compositions for her recording debut. The success of this album got Andromeda an invitation to the Grammy’s in 2008 and has had her touring in
over 20 countries since then. She has been capturing the hearts of fans and critics worldwide.

“Marilyn Monroe with Whitney Houston’s voice” – Chelyabinsk Press, Russia

“Andromeda Turre is a triple threat” – Singapore Business Times

“...seductive voice and alluring stage presence” – Bangkok Post

“...freshness, talent and sensuality.” – Sant’Agata Militello, Italy

“Andromeda Turre: A Divine Nightingale… she’s divine, vibrant and has her own
unique way to charm her audience.” – Alain Fab, the Soujourner

”A gifted songstress… Accomplished and lovely, Andromeda will steal your

“International diva extraordinaire” – H.L. Ray, Head of Entertainment at GILT

“Very talented, and a body any costume designer loves!!” - Michael Bevins

Andromeda also began modeling while in Tokyo. Embracing fashion and her atypical model physique, this brought Andromeda a new level of confidence and creative expression. She had always been involved with her personal style, designing her own stage costumes and customizing everyday clothes from childhood. But to be a model brought a new perspective. Modeling sparked a deeper creative connection with fashion and Andromeda became increasingly interested in the world of design.

Spending hours in fabric markets and trim shops throughout Asia, Andromeda studied  many aspects of fashion, style and design. When she produced her first music video in Vietnam in 2010, she was able to design nearly all of her own outfits.

Her video, IN THE DARK launched a new side of Andromeda’s vocal and songwriting capabilities. Working with producer Steven Shewbrooks, she released a dance electronica album under the name EMINENT PULSE. This album had great success licensing songs to fashion brands, TV shows, video games and receiving radio play.

Continuing to tour with her acoustic original music, Andromeda moved from Asia to Europe to build her fan base there. Falling in love with Italy in particular, Andromeda spent several months touring there and delighting in La Dolce Vita. While in Italy she wrote, arranged and recorded her third album, Love Story. Another collection of Jazz standards, covers and original songs.

In 2012, Andromeda made her first foray into Russia, garnering a new arena of fans there for both singing and modeling. Major Television and radio coverage, and features in Russian magazines such as Expensive Pleasure and Fashion Collection fueled Andromeda’s international exposure. She quickly began to sell out concert halls. 2013 Andromeda moved back to NYC where she joined the cast of Sleep No More and recorded her fourth album, Dream Girl. Dream Girl can be heard playing in H&M, Bebe 
and Abercrombie and Fitch stores nationwide as well as on several TV shows and radio stations.

2014 proves to be an exciting year for Andromeda. You can hear her every Thursday night at the top of the Standard Hotel from 6:30-9:30 in New York Cityʼs Meatpacking District, on stage at Sleep No More or performing in several musicals and bands throughout New York. With an arsenal of new acoustic original songs ready to make their debut Feb 12 at the Iridium, Andromeda is ready to take on the American market